October 9, 2022

Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Taking Online Psychology Courses in Australia

Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Taking Online Psychology Courses in Australia

So, you're thinking about studying psychology online in Australia? That's great! Studying psychology can be an incredibly rewarding experience, giving you the chance to learn about the human mind and help people live better lives.


However, before you jump into any online psychology course, you must ask some key questions. This will help you choose the right course and ensure you get the most out of your studies.


This blog post will outline the top 10questions you should ask before taking online psychology courses in Australia.

Top 10 Questions About OnlinePsychology Courses in Australia

Here are 10 questions you should ask before taking online psychology courses in Australia:

1. Can I Get a PsychologyGraduate Degree Online?

In Australia, you can study psychology online at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. However, it's important to note that not all universities offer online graduate psychology programs.


Some universities will require you to complete some on-campus components, such as laboratory work or clinical placement. So, if you're interested in studying for a graduate degree online, check with the universities you're interested in to see if they offer an online program that's right for you.

2. What Are the AdmissionRequirements for Online Psychology Courses?

Admission requirements for online psychology courses vary depending on the level of study. You will typically need to have completed high school with a strong academic record for undergraduate programs.


You must have completed an undergraduate degree in psychology or a related field for graduate programs. Some universities may also require you to have work experience in psychology.

3. What Is the CourseStructure for Online Psychology Courses?

The course structure for online psychology courses varies depending on the level of study and the university you choose. However, most courses will include a mix of lectures, tutorials, and practical components.


Some universities will also offer you the opportunity to complete an internship as part of your course. This is a great way to gain valuable work experience and apply what you've learned in areal-world setting.

4. Will I Ever Need to Goto Campus?

This is a question that's often asked about online courses. The answer depends on the university you choose and the level of study.


Some universities will require you to complete some on-campus components, such as laboratory work or clinical placement.However, other universities will offer fully online programs without needing togo to campus.

I am a little biased, but on-campus will arguably provide a better experience and opportunities for personal growth, networking, and academic performance.

5. How Much Do OnlinePsychology Courses Cost?

The cost of psychology courses varies depending on the level of study and the university you choose. However, you can typically expect to pay between $15000 to $20000 per year for an undergraduate degree in psychology.


Graduate programs may cost more, depending on the university and the type of program. For example, Honours programs can cost approximately $10,000, whereas other 4th year Graduate Diploma programs can cost over $30,000 for one year. Moreover, a Masters of Clinical Psychology is quite costly due to placement and supervision requirements on top of coursework.

6. Can I Complete anOnline Degree at My Own Pace?

This is another common question about online courses. The answer again depends on the university you choose.


Some universities will offer flexible study options, allowing you to complete your degree at your own pace. Other universities may have set semester dates and require you to complete the program within a certain timeframe.

7. What Support Will I Receive While Studying Online?

Most universities will offer support to students studying online. This support may include access to online resources, such as libraries and learning management systems.


You may also access student services, such as counselling and career advice. Some universities also offer academic support, such as help with essay writing and exam preparation.

I am a little biased as I have been tutoring for many years and have observed widespread under resourcing from universities for students across a range of units / core topics. Which is why many students are struggling to keep their head above water and require external tutoring.

8. What Is the JobOutlook for Psychologists in Australia?

The job outlook for psychologists in Australia is positive. The demand for psychologists is expected to grow in line with the population over the next few years.


This growth will be driven by an ageing population and mental health problems. There will also be a need for more psychologists to work in rural and remote areas.

However, there are limited places in Masters programs across Australian universities which is driving competition for spots and many students travel interstate in order to acquire the qualification.

9. Can I Receive Credit for Work Experience?

If you have relevant prior learning or work experience, you may be able to receive credit for your online psychology course. This credit can typically be applied to elective units only.


However, the amount of credit you can receive will depend on the university you choose and the relevance of your work experience. You will typically need to provide supporting documentation, such as a portfolio of your work.


Additionally, if you have already completed a university degree of any sort, then you can typically complete an AdvancedGraduate Diploma over 1.5 years or 18 months to fast-track your undergraduate requirements. The tricky thing about these types of fast-track pathway courses is that you have less room for error in your grades as you are only completing core units which will impact your average WAM and ability to get into Honours.


10. Is Financial Aid Available?

If you're studying online or a mature aged student living out of home, you may be eligible for financial assistance. This assistance can come from loans, grants, Centrelink, or scholarships.


To be eligible for financial aid, you will typically need to meet certain criteria, such as being enrolled in a full-time course load. You may also need to demonstrate financial need.

Bonus: What Should I Look for in an Online Psychology Program?

After you've decided that online learning is right for you, several things remain to think about. You'll need to select a program that suits your schedule and interests. Equally crucial is that the program you pick is approved. Accreditation ensures that the curriculum meets the required quality standards in the field. Accreditation is also necessary in order to receive federal financial assistance and/or obtain your state license.


Other things to consider include:


●     Is the coursework structure compatible with my schedule?

●     Do the instructors have relevant experience and credentials?

●     Does the program offer support services, such as academic advising?

●     What type of clinical placements are available (if applicable)?

●     Is the program accredited by a recognised body, such as the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council(APAC)?

●     Will I be able to contact my professors if I have any issues?

●     Is it possible for me to contact other students in the program?

●     Does the program offer a guaranteed job placement?

●     What experience requirements does the program have?

●     What types of positions do people who have completed this program typically land?

Final Words

Selecting the right online psychology course is a big decision. There are many things to consider, such as your schedule, interests, and the program's accreditation. Asking the right questions can help you make an informed decision about which program is right for you.

We hope this article has helped you understand some key considerations when choosing an online psychology course in Australia.If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you find the perfect program for your needs.

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