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xOur Origin Story

Hey, psychology students of Australia, I’m going to be real. As the Founder of Get Psyched, I wasn’t always so academic. Just like you, I struggled with scientific writing and statistics skills.

☹️ I briefly dropped out of university in my 2nd year and had to complete summer trimesters

😫 I could never meet my marker's expectations or the rubric criteria

πŸ€ͺ I was slow to process information, working double as hard for longer hours due to my ADHD

😣 I wondered if I was actually cut out for a career in psychology... ‍‍
😀 But I was determined to find a way to succeed, so I started working with a tutor

πŸ’ͺ🏼 Suddenly, I went from scoring CREDITS (60s) to HIGH DISTINCTIONS (85+) in less than 6 months

🀩 I graduated with First Class Honours at Deakin and my self-belief and confidence exploded

πŸ€“ Tutoring low key changed my whole life. It opened doors I never thought was possible and now I'm thriving.
🀩 Since graduating with First Class Honours, the world has really opened up for me

🧠 I worked in neuroscience, specialising in brain stimulation and Alzheimer's disease

✍🏼 I became a published author 3x times over without needing a PhD or Masters degree

πŸŽ“ I have tutored over 700+ psychology students to get into Honours, Masters and PhDs

🀩 My self-belief led me to chase other dreams like building a business and work in app design

Our ethos at Get Psyched is actually to 'teach you how to fish for yourself' without support.

No more ambiguity. Only easy to follow guidance.

My team makes it simple to build skills so your only option is to succeed, as long as you apply what you learn.

Now... we're on a mission πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

‍At Get Psyched, we're too stubborn to walk away from this systemic issue impacting thousands of psychology students,which is why we have spent the last 6 years trying to fix the education system with our tutoring services and toolkits.
If not us, who will?

Only those who have blazed the trail themselves know how to help! As fellow trail blazers,
we know what it takes to succeed in this confusing education system.‍

Oh, and my name is Freya by the way!

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Best Psychology Tutor
Best Psychology Tutor
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