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August 27, 2022

8 Unique Ways Tutoring Changed My Life

8 Unique Ways Tutoring Changed My Life

I know this must sound dramatic when I say tutoring changed my life…but tutoring literally changed my life.  

Just like how smoking weed was my gateway drug to more party substances, tutoring for me was the gateway to a more confident and ambitious self.


This is because when you start to achieve some small milestones and that leads to increased motivation to tackle bigger milestones. It compounds with time.


For me, tutoring gave me the confidence to…

1. Ask my Honours Supervisor for publication opportunities -“whatever it takes, I will do it!” scoring me an international book chapter collaboration.
2. Apply for a higher-level neuroscience job in clinical trial coordination straight out of Honours - leading to 2 scientific article publications as a co-author.
3. Ask for a career promotion and raise in annual salary.
4. Travel solo to India for 5 weeks.
 5. Submit my photos to National Geographic which were published as part of a competition and host my own art exhibition showcasing my digital art (IG: @shotsbyfreya)

6. Start my own online education business during the pandemic from my bedroom, while working full time. 
7. Leaving Melbourne to live in a yoga commune at an Ashram in NSW for 4 months to dive deep into the world of discipline, yoga, meditation, breath-work, and self-work.
8. Moving to Indonesia by myself to live and work remotely as a self-employed single female, to focus on my passion projects and online business.

Honestly…the list goes on and my story is far from over.

And the best part?

Your story is far from over too.

Tutoring could be your gateway to a stronger sense of self and ambition- unlocking your hunger for life to reach your full potential and create an exciting life.

Small success leads to bigger successes, I truly believe this.

This is WHY I am so passionate about tutoring.

It is not about your grades. It is about the rest of your LIFE. I see the bigger picture.

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Love Freya :)