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January 30, 2023

3 Things to Do After the Exam

3 things to do after the exam

A psychology degree is not like most degrees. You will work incredibly hard as a psychology student completing your demanding university degree, so don't forget to celebrate the little and big wins after all your efforts.

Below are 3 things to do after completing exams to reinforce all of your hard work with positive good feels to motivate you for the next semester or trimester.

group of friends running into the ocean on a sunny day

#1: Do something fun and relaxing

Once you have double-checked your test for mistakes, and handed it in, try not to dwell on how it went. Even if you felt you did poorly, it is now beyond your control. Reward yourself for your hard work by doing something you enjoy, like playing a sport, socialising with friends, or watching your favorite TV show.

#2: Review your test for mistakes

When you receive your test paper back, don’t focus too much on the grade you received, but look at where you made mistakes to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Professors often provide commentary on answers to essay questions if you have had problems presenting your argument or recalling factual material. If you don’t know why an answer was wrong or how to correctly solve a problem, ask your instructor for feedback. Save your tests to study for final exams. Even if the exact questions aren’t repeated, you can learn a lot from the way a professor asks questions.

#3: Attend test review sessions

If your instructor has a test-review session, don’t skip it. Reviewing the material will help you learn and will enhance your performance on future tests. Sometimes, instructors even award credit for errors they made (which may require you to be present). Some professors allow you to “revise” your test for an improvement in score, and others award bonus points simply for attending the post-test review session.